36ers to appeal captain’s NBL suspension

Posted on 04/25/2020

Adelaide will appeal captain Brendan Teys’ suspension over the brawl in the clash against Perth.The Adelaide 36ers will appeal captain Brendan Teys’ two-match suspension after coach Joey Wright said his team was not the instigator in Friday night’s ugly fourth-quarter melee against the Perth Wildcats.

A club spokesperson confirmed the Sixers would contest Teys’ penalty after the Sixers skipper and Perth reserve Dexter Kernich-Drew both copped two games for unduly rough play which was graded as intentional with body contact and high impact following a heated fourth quarter on Friday.

Teys’ appeal will be reviewed at a single member tribunal hearing chaired by experienced Sydney barrister Andrew Coleman SC at 5pm AEDT on Monday.

Lucas Walker and Shannon Shorter can accept $375 fines for leaving their bench during the brawl.

Shorter, Mitch Creek, Shannon Shorter, Anthony Drmic, Majok Deng, Nelson Larkins (Adelaide), Clint Steindl, Jarrod Kenny and Kernich-Drew (Perth) were also offered $375 fines for their roles in the ensuing melee which overshadowed Perth’s 21-point win.

Wright spoke to the media post-match Sunday after his side turned the tables on the Wildcats with a 12-point victory but just before the NBL released its findings from Friday night.

“We don’t think we were the agitators (on Friday),” Wright said.

“We dont think we agitated that situation at all.

“We were (acting) in response to a lot of things that happened.

“We didn’t throw any punches, we didn’t throw any elbows, (and) at one point one of our players was picked up off the floor and speared.”

In football, you’d be automatically out of there.”

Teys and Kernich-Drew’s penalties are the most severe handed out by the league this season.

Previously, Illawarra’s MVP candidate Demetrius Conger was rubbed out for one match on an early plea for striking Sydney’s Brad Newley while since-sacked Cairns import Michael Carrera dramatically had a two-game suspension downgraded to a fine after making contact with the face of Wildcats forward Derek Cooke Jr.

Perth coach Trevor Gleeson was also expecting to be penalised by fines rather than suspensions.

“There was just a lot of grabbing and holding,” he said.”There’s been no suspensions before (besides Conger).

“There’s been early pleas and fines with a couple of punches thrown in other games.”